All About Boxers

The breed was developed in Germany in the 1800’s, and originally a hunting dog. With the boxer being strong, fast and athletic, it was ideal for hauling down large prey and getting in and out of shrubs, branches, or any other tricky situation. These same traits make Boxers good guard dogs. They are intelligent, loyal, and protective which are all the traits that make them wonderful for guarding homes and their families.

Physical Characteristics of The Boxer

A Boxer usually stands between 21′ and 25′, males being generally the tallest. They can weigh anywhere from 50-80 lbs, again with the males being the largest. They have a large chest and a thick neck, with a slightly pushed in nose. Many Boxers have a square or block-shaped head, with a very strong jaw. Their muzzles are usually black with some having white, or ‘flashiness’ on part of it. Boxer colors can be fawn, brindle, or white. A Boxer that is fawn with white coloring, is called a Flashy Fawn, and the same with a brindle with white coloring, is called a Flashy Brindle. There are different shades of fawn and the same with brindle. A brindle that has more black than brown is said to be a reverse brindle. Some reverse brindles can be so dark, they look black, but this is called a sealed brindle. White Boxers can be solid white or have patches of fawn or brindle. White boxers should not be bred, as some of them have a gene for deafness or can be blind. So, it is best to just have them as pets, and not for breeding. The boxer is a short haired breed, that has a shiny coat, and has minimal shedding.

Boxer Temperament and Personality

Boxers are full of energy, charismatic and can be mischievous. They are highly intelligent and they love children, which makes them excellent around families. Boxers can be stubborn, and patience will be needed during training. It is important to socialize them as puppies, so they will learn to not be afraid or fearful of new people or situations. Boxers are not aggressive dogs, and early socializing helps them learn how to deal with all situations they may encounter. Boxers are loyal and they love to run and play. They make ideal companions for families as well as individuals.

Boxer Requirement

Since boxers are so energetic, they require regular exercise, and if they do not get it, they can have digging and chewing problems. This is especially true from when they are puppies up until age 3. Boxer puppies are typically headstrong and can have a stubborn streak. That is why a lot of patience is needed during their younger years. But the rewards from all the patience will be worth it! Boxers thrive with love and attention. They want to be with their owner as much as possible. So, it’s important to spend quality time with them, and show them how you expect them to behave. They will be loyal to you for the rest of their life.